Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Beatles Haikus

As (apparently) a small number of you are aware, for the past couple of years, to amuse myself (and hopefully you as well), I've hidden links to a few (about four or five) "secret posts" throughout this blog within already-existing posts. The posts are mostly for Beatles-related stuff I didn't feel like making fully available to casual visitors, but only to intrepid, observant, regular visitors to this site who actually take the time to read my verbose narratives - hopefully in the course of which they'll stumble over some pretty cool and amazing stuff. Usually, there's a special phrase or password that requestors have to send along in their email request, to confirm their discovery.
(And no - I'm not going to give out any clues as to any of their locations in this post . . . you're just gonna have to track them down yourself! *)
For one of my better "secret posts", in addition to forwarding a password, I had folks jump through one more hoop - they had to provide in their email an original Beatles-related haiku. I've collected some of the better ones here for your amusement (some people were inspired enough to submit more than one):
Sergent Pepper's Band
They hope you enjoy the show
Your evening well spent

- Andrew Siegel

Welcome to Hamburg
Preludin makes music fast
We should poach Ringo.

- Ted Roberts

Who’s this George Martin?
Peter Sellers fancied him
But not Peter Best…

- Ted Roberts

John, Paul, George, Ringo
All together or solo
Music I follow
(Comment: I like poems that rhyme so came up with this one first.)

- Adrian Lewis
Plastic Ono Band
James Paul McCartney and Wings
Ringo's All Starr Band

Plastic Ono Band
The Traveling Wilburys
McCartney & Wings

McCartney & Wings
The Traveling Wilburys
Ringo's All Starr Band
(Comment: Four solo Beatle bands don't fit into three lines, so I have three different combination versions.)

- Adrian Lewis
Purple Chick bootlegs
iTunes-friendlier mpegs
Download “Scrambled Eggs”?!
(Comment: Working title and substitute opening verse lyrics of “Yesterday” had "Scrambled Eggs/Oh, my baby how I love your legs".)

- Adrian Lewis
Yellow Submarine
The Hunt for Red October
The Spy Who Loved Me

(Comment: Three submarine films.)

- Adrian Lewis

Help me if you can,
Seek and you shall find," said he,
Hey, you've got to hide . . .

- Buddy Woodward
Adjusting my specs:
(Damnable dyslexia!)
All you need is luck!

- Buddy Woodward

Sixth time's the charm, eh?
A puzzle worthy of John;
Jai guru deva

- Buddy Woodward

John, Paul, George, Ringo
Sang many songs long ago
Hidden from their fans

- Jeffrey Cellers
From a tiny club,
To a record-breaking crowd;
The Beatles live on.

- Robert Harrison

Hopes for affection
Possesses nothing but love
Eight days in a week

- Robert Harrison
Mop top to long hair
Clean cut lads to hippie men
Eight short years of change

- Daniel T Monk Pelfrey
Ed Sullivan Show,
Screaming girls going crazy;

- Kevin Swesey

I’m fixing a hole,
Sgt. Pepper rocks my world...
Paul was the walrus

- Kevin Swesey

The White Album rocks
The summer of sixty eight -
Revolution comes

- Kevin Swesey
As I receive additional verses from new finders, I'll continue adding the best ones here. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who have discovered them and participated so far - I look forward to greeting and publishing the works here of more observant souls!

I hope that you enjoy these, and thanks for continuing to visit and support my blog. More music to come!

* - OK, OK - I'm just kidding . . . I kinda/sorta WANT people to find them.  For example, you might want to take a close look at this old post. But this is absolutely, positively the only secret post clue I'm giving out - it's up to you to find the rest!  Happy hunting!